Creating Affordable Health Care Coverage …for Everyone

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A vested economy means all Americans can receive health coverage

With the deadline looming to buy health care coverage on, millions of middle-income earners may be left behind. But something can—and should—be done about it.

First, some background. A recent story in The New York Times states that open enrollment has kicked off for Affordable Care Act health plans, and that “…millions of Americans have signed up for low-cost coverage.”

That’s promising news, and means that the neediest Americans will find some measure of health care relief.

But there’s a problem. As the Times story notes, it seems that middle-income wage earners may make too much to qualify for financial help. Even though tax credits are available to those making four times the federal poverty rate—which is $104,800 for a family of our –there could be challenges. Why? As it turns out, just making a few hundred dollars over that limit may disqualify applicants, and force them to pay $1,439 in monthly premiums. The cutoff, it seems, “is abrupt, rather than gradual as income rises.”

This is just plain wrong. In the richest country in the world, no one should be excluded from health care coverage due to cost.

But there is a solution, and it’s called National Vesting™. National vesting, which is a new economic paradigm espoused by the Center for National Vesting, has the potential to solve virtually every economic problem imaginable.

Robert Whitehair, founder of the Center for National Vesting, has found, through his mathematical formulas, what he calls “a market surplus that now exceeds $15 trillion per year.”

By implementing a vested economy, the market surplus would eventually be distributed to Americans. Under a vested economy, says Whitehair, every U.S. citizen would now be able to receive $100,000 in cash and be able to live comfortably on a livable wage with affordable health care.

So, that means that all Americans would be able to afford health care and live with the knowledge that they can support their families.

National vesting would make it possible to provide healthcare coverage for every single American. No one needs to be turned away. No one needs to lose their house over healthcare costs. And no one needs to choose between rent and hospital bills.

In the end, national vesting means that all Americans can live with the peace of mind and assurance that health care coverage is something within their reach.

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