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Job Market Needs a Jolt

Unemployment rate holds steady in December as workers seek livable wage The unemployment rate held steady at 6.7 percent in December, but we shouldn’t take

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Revisiting Student Loan Debt in 2021

While President-Elect Biden’s education plan is unclear, the prospect of free public college should be on the agenda For the millions of college students saddled

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Addressing the Real Unemployent Issue

The nation’s unemployment rate may continue to decline since its peak in April 2020—when the economic fallout from the coronavirus pandemic was at its most


Living Wage Report: Worcester MA

Worcester, one of the largest cities in New England, is a hotbed of people and activity. However, like many cities, poverty is a prevalent and


Defining a Living Wage

A living wage in America depends on a lot of different factors, and they can sometimes be hard to quantify. A person’s job, health, family


Universal Health Care Around the World

What is universal healthcare? A reasonable definition of universal healthcare is a system that covers all citizens – leaving no one behind. Unfortunately, the definition


The Question of Free College

In recent years, discussion of free college has become a frequent talking point in political and media circles. Several states in the US are attempting