The Center for National Vesting is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization that proposes using a new economic theory called Newtonian Economics to resolve critical problems with livable wage, healthcare and educational costs, and tax and debt in our country.

The Center for National Vesting resolves problems with our broken economy by proposing something we call Market Surplus to provide a livable wage for everyone, fully fund the government, pay for healthcare and educational costs, and provide tax and debt relief for every citizen. 

Market Surplus represents the excess production in our economy. For example, Richemont, the owner of Cartier and Montblanc luxury watches, destroyed $557.2M of watches due to overproduction according to CNBC. Destruction of product, common in the retail industry, helps to artificially inflate product cost and deal with excess production issues. This excess inventory due to overproduction represents Market Surplus.

Market Surplus (excess production) is tracked in various ways by the US government (IRS, Federal Reserve Economic Data, Census Bureau, etc.) making it easy for anyone to determine the value of the excess production across all sectors of our economy. Today, we estimate this value at approximately $15 trillion. Dr. Whitehair walks through exactly how he calculated this surplus in his book, ‘American Buyout‘.

Quantitative Easing (QE) is a monetary policy used by the Federal Reserve to increase the money supply by purchasing government bonds (and other securities). This practice lowers the cost of money which in turn causes lower interest rates enabling banks to lend with better terms. During the 2009 great recession, the Obama administration used QE in concert with government spending to stimulate the economy with numerous programs. One such program was ‘Cash for Clunkers’. This program attempted to stimulate the economy using QE to provide the necessary money for a rebate program for anyone trading in their old ‘clunker’ for a new, energy efficient car. QE was widely credited by many economists for saving both the US and global economy during the great recession of 2009.

National Vesting, based on Quantitative Easing, distributes a percentage of the Market Surplus in our economy back to the workforce that contributed to it. One of the important distinctions between Quantitative Easing and National Vesting is that National Vesting is able to avoid the possible pitfalls of QE by accurately and precisely measuring the value of Market Surplus.  This enables us to fully fund government programs, provide a livable wage for everyone, and provide debt and tax relief for all citizens. National Vesting does all this without risking inflation. In addition, National Vesting ends the boom or bust economic cycles we have experienced for the last 90 years.

No. Our economic theories are discussed in the book ‘American Buyout‘. This book represents our proposed economic framework for changing the way the US economy is managed. Our hope is that by creating a large grassroots following through the American Buyout Consortium (ABOC), that the US government, in concert with ABOC, will implement our new economic framework and save the economy.

Using our economic framework, it should be possible to pay workers, on average,  approximately $20 per hour. Dr. Whitehair’s book, ‘American Buyout‘ outlines specifically what the vesting schedule is and how it would work in great detail.

No. Our plan is to use our proposed economic theories to educate, excite, and engage millions of Americans to support our mission. Once we have accomplished that goal, our hope is that the US government, in concert with millions of participating citizens, will implement our proposed economic theories to change how our economy is managed.  Our economic proposal will help provide every American with a livable wage, debt and tax relief, and fully fund healthcare and education.

The American Buyout Consortium (ABOC) is an initiative sponsored by the Center for National Vesting (CNV), a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization. ABOC employs the ideas of CNV in order to provide a real-world context to Newtonian Economics and National Vesting – both integral to CNV. 

Sustaining members of our nonprofit organization have an essential function. Each member helps to fund our grassroots efforts, media-based educational initiatives, and member events so that we can help change the perception of how our economy should work. Often we are told it is not possible to have universal healthcare. We are told that is is unrealistic to provide a living wage to all citizens. We are told that it is impossible to supplement our underfunded K-12 public education or fully fund a public college education. Dr. Whitehair’s economic theories prove all the naysayers wrong

It is possible to fund our healthcare and educational programs fully. It is possible to provide every American with a livable wage. It is possible to provide debt and tax relief to all. It is possible to fundamentally change the entire economy with our proposed economic theories. 

It is all possible with Dr. Whitehair’s economic proposal, ‘American Buyout‘. But, it is urgent that we act now.

Sustaining members of our nonprofit organization help to fund our grassroots efforts, media-based educational initiatives, docuseries film projects, public events, educational symposiums, ongoing livestream events, and collaborative efforts with other nonprofit organizations and media influencers.