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Dr. Whitehair Discusses his new book American Buyout on North Shore Journal

Walt Kosmowski, host of “North Shore Journal”, interviews Dr. Robert Whitehair, PhD, (shown above) about his new book, “American Buyout”. The interview covers many aspects of the book focusing on economic issues that the book resolves: livable wage, healthcare, education, and tax and debt relief. (Video provided courtesy of Beverly Community Access Media).

Dr. Whitehair Launches Non-Profit with Book Event at Endicott College

Dr. Robert Whitehair (shown above) discusses his new book, “American Buyout” at the non-profit launch event for the Center for National Vesting at Endicott College.

Feature Story About CNV Appears in Beverly Citizen

Dr. Whitehair at the nonprofit event launch. –Maddy Linden / Courtesy Photo

Mathematician Dr. Robert Whitehair, of Beverly, says he has a plan to save the world from a looming economic collapse.  His economic theory, laid out in his new book American Buyout, hits on what he considers are the major pain points in our economy and need to change to balance the economy: debt relief, living wage, healthcare costs, education costs, and tax relief. [READ MORE…]