Our Mission

Our primary mission is to help transform our conventional economy to a vested economy that works for everyone by addressing these 5 key areas of concern (click the icons for more detail):

Living Wage

Healthcare Costs

Education Costs

Debt Relief

Tax Relief

The Details


The economy is broken.

Management processes based on conventional economic science are no longer effective.  The consequence is a malfunctioning economy that fails to provide livable wages, adequate health care, and sufficient education.  In the US, more than 45 million Americans live in poverty and almost half the population has trouble paying for basic needs. Tens of millions of Americans lack health insurance and the number is increasing. Millions of Americans must work two or even three jobs to support their families. Millions more are suffering financial hardship because of $ trillions of medical and educational debt.

The failure of existing economic management processes has also resulted in excessive, debilitating, and unnecessary, levels of debt and taxation. 

These failures will soon result in catastrophic environmental destruction and the collapse of democracy and civilization as we know it.


The Center for National Vesting (CNV), a 501(c)(3) nonprofit, supports novel solutions to the world’s most critical problems including the need for:

  • Livable wages
  • Free health care
  • Free education
  • Tax relief
  • Debt relief

CNV develops and supports solutions that are based on the principles of vested economics and Newtonian Economics.  CNV provides support in the form of educational programs that inform and empower both the public and policy makers with the knowledge required to effectively understand, endorse and implement viable solutions.  Educational programs target new principles, processes and mechanisms that are enabled by Newtonian Economics and vested economics.

Newtonian Economics corrects fundamental misconceptions in conventional economic science, especially with respect to the calculation of “value,” by introducing the concept of “market surplus.”  Market surplus, which is a function of excess production, represents an economy’s untapped value that can be quickly and easily leveraged to implement effective solutions. 

Vested economics is a viable, proven, market-based mechanism for implementing solutions based on distributing market surplus to its producers in a fair and equitable manner.

Today, the market surplus of the US economy exceeds $15 trillion and it is growing rapidly with advances in technology and the associated increases in economic productivity.  CNV’s mission is to educate the public and policy makers on how to leverage this massive market surplus to implement a vested economy where workers earn a livable wage, programs like universal college and universal healthcare are fully funded, and debt and tax relief are now possible for everyone.


CNV is a 501 (c)(3) media nonprofit focused on educating the public and policy makers with respect to specific proposed solutions based on Newtonian Economics and vested economics.

“American Buyout” is a specific proposal for implementing a vested economy in the United States. CNV supports the proposal by providing grassroots educational programs including sponsorship of the American Buyout Consortium (ABOC), which is open to all US citizens. ABOC is CNV’s flagship initiative for providing educational support for implementing solutions based on vested economics in the United States.

Consequently, it is vital to support and grow our grassroots organization and to educate and engage the public and policy makers about our broken economic system with media-based efforts, events, fundraisers, and more. Every important change in our country starts at the bottom and spreads through a concerted grassroots effort. Transforming our country to a vested economy will require a massive volunteer effort to engage and educate the public.

ABOC represents a massive grassroots effort to evangelize and support the mission of the Center for National Vesting. Together, we can change our economy and improve the lives of all Americans.

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