Robert Whitehair

Executive director

Robert C. Whitehair, Ph.D., has led research and development of Integrated Business Planning since the 1980s. In addition, his research involves theoretical and mathematical foundations of artificial intelligence, contraint-oriented reasoning, knowlege-based programming languages, knowlege-based decision support systems, knowlege-based data normalization, predictive analytics, optimization, simulation, and computational linguistics.

IBP is a formal extension of contemporary economic theory that significantly improves the ability to predict and explain the behavior of micro- and macroeconomic enterprises. Dr. Robert Whitehair has IBP solutions in over 300 commercial engagements in a broad range of industries.


Paul Brady

Inbound marketing

Brady’s expertise in professional communications and inbound marketing make him a perfect fit for any organization attempting to connect and engage with a target audience. 

Bill Musselman

outbound marketing

Musselman has a history year over year of facilitating solid and trusting relationships with the top decision makers in a broad range of industries. His skills are a valued part of this organization.